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The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go (Muir)

- "Follow your bliss & doors will open that wouldn't have opened for anyone else" (Campbell)

Why Free?

Ok, so why don’t I charge for any of my photo’s? – besides their questionable quality. Well, there is a philosophical reason behind the decision not to charge for any of my photo’s and it goes something like this.  I believe that assigning monetary value to artistic endeavours or creativity of any kind, devalues one of the most unique aspects of human capabilities and expression. I also believe that the most fortunately composed examples of human artistic creation serve as a window into a psychological and mythological realm of human consciousness.

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All photo’s are released under the “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike” Creative Commons License. Images are FREE for non-commercial use, but you must attribute me as the photographer and retain my watermark on the bottom right corner of each image.

  1. You are FREE TO USE, edit, tweak and re-post any photo for non-commercial use.
  2. You MUST CREDIT ME if you use, edit, tweak or re-post my photos.
  3. You MUST USE THE SAME LICENSE if you use, edit, tweak or re-post my photos.
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